Our target is to optimize vessel’s port stay all over Moroccan ports, by securing high standards of quality and safety, following a number of checkpoints, key performance indicators


Port Intelligence
Securing the berthing
Full communications with port authorities and other shareholders to make your call smooth, secured and efficient
We inform the port authority and terminal about our ETA, to assign necessary cranes & equipements for a smooth berth prouctivity
We monitor the coordination between the Vessel and VTS, to arrange Pilot on Board and avoid any time loss.
Once vessel berthed, we monitor the CRANE productivity and update every 4 Hours
Upon ops completion we update BERTH productivity and assure vessel’s clearance.

Nador West Med

In accordance with its strategic orientations, and within the framework of the policy in which it is committed for the development of its regions, Morocco has decided the progressive development of an integrated industrial-port platform on the Mediterranean coast of the of the Oriental region, called « Nador West Med ».

The NWM project will be built in the strategic site of Betoya Bay, located on the western side of Cap des Trois Fourches less than 250 miles from the Strait of Gibraltar and opposite the main East-West shipping routes for container and product traffic. tankers. It will be composed of:

A new deep water port equipped with significant capacities for the transhipment of containers, the development of an energy center (treatment, packaging, storage of hydrocarbons and derived products) and the treatment of bulk products, particularly coal;



Tanger Med

Tanger Med is a global logistics gateway located on the Strait of Gibraltar and connected to more than 180 ports worldwide with handling capacities of : 9 million containers, exports of 1 million new vehicles, transit of 7 million passengers and 700,000 trucks on an annual basis. Tanger Med constitutes an industrial hub for more than 1100 companies representing a yearly export turnover in excess of 5,9 bUSD in various sectors such as automotive, aeronautics, logistics, textile and trade.

The new port of Kenitra Atlantique (NPKA)

The new port of Kenitra Atlantique (NPKA) project is part of the implementation of the national port strategy for 2030, which consists of strengthening the port offer of the Kenitra-Casablanca cluster with a new commercial port. on the Atlantic coast of the region of Rabat-Salé-Kénitra.

The NPKA site is located 24 km north of the Oued Sebou and 2 km from the A1 Highway linking Rabat and Tangier and along the coast.



The port of Mohammedia

The port of Mohammedia is located on the Atlantic coast, 23 km from the port of Casablanca. seized in the southern part of the bay of Mohammedia, it is naturally protected from the swells.
The port of Mohammedia is close to the main economic center of the Kingdom.
It is composed :
– a former basin intended for all liquid bulk other than hydrocarbons (oils, molasses, etc.). This basin can accommodate ships up to 120 meters and a maximum of 8000 tons. This former basin also hosts a fishing port and a marina;
– an oil terminal equipped with two posts 18 meters deep allowing it to receive large oil and gas tankers


Port of Casablanca is a multifunctional port mainly oriented towards trade. It extends over 450 ha, including 256 ha of land and offers more than 8 linear km of quay. It can accommodate and process up to 40 vessels at a time. It includes a commercial port, a fishing port, a marina, as well as facilities and infrastructure for the afloat and dry docking of ships in shipyards.

It has an ONCF rail network, 17410 m long, which runs along the port fence from gate number 1 from the station, to beyond the phosphate jetty where s extends the draw area.



PORT Jorf Lasfar

The port of Jorf Lasfar is a port with a mineral and conventional vocation, located 17 km from El Jadida and 120 km from Casablanca. A thermal power plant and hydrocarbon storage units are located in the immediate vicinity. Expandable, it benefits from unique handling. It was ISPS certified in 2004. It enjoys a favorable geographical location, in a region in full economic, social, industrial, agricultural, cultural and tourist development. It is characterized by the presence of significant seabed (5 to 14 m deep draft); a developed road, rail and telecommunications network gives it excellent connection capabilities with its environment. Its hinterland is rich in ore extraction activities (Benguerir and Youssoufia).


This project is part of the National Port Strategy for 2030, which aims to develop Morocco’s market share in international maritime trade and cruises, integrate the port system into the regional transport network, contribute to the regional balances of the Kingdom and promote social and human development as well as support the competitiveness of economic activity.

The new Port of Safi is part of the Abda-Doukkala Pole, one of the six poles defined in the national port strategy, whose major vocation is to support the energy sector and the chemical industry of the Region as well as to contribute to the development of the transport of large bulk linked to the energy and the mineral industry.



Agadir Port

The port of Agadir is located on the Atlantic coast 35km south of Cap Ghir and 05km north of the outlet of Oued Souss.

The commercial port is bounded on the west and north side by a 2500m long breakwater and on the south by a 600m long crosspiece.


TAN TAN is a Medium-sized Port. The types of vessels regularly calling at TAN TAN are Hopper Dredger (11%), Salvage/Rescue Vessel (11%). The maximum length of the vessels recorded to having entered this port is 120 meters. The maximum draught is 6 meters. The maximum Deadweight is 11288t.



Laâyoune Port

Being a southern metropolis and economic capital of the Saharan provinces, the city of Laâyoune has a port complex composed of two sites:
• The sheltered port built in 1986, whose activity is centered on fishing,
hydrocarbons and sand exports;
• The phosphate wharf built in 1968, specifically to respond to the
need to export phosphate from Boucraa, from where it is transported by
In 2005, the port of Laayoune saw its docking infrastructure consolidated
by a major project which enabled the doubling of its capacity and
to improve ship handling conditions.


The creation of a new port on the Atlantic coast: Dakhla Atlantique, would meet both geostrategic objectives and regional development objectives

The site chosen to house the port of Dakhla Atlantique is that of NTIREFT, which is located 40 km north of the city of Dakhla, in an area belonging to the rural municipality of El Argoub.


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